The goal for this project was to select an object and show how the object represents a specific community or culture; how it accomplishes a specific social action while capturing the object in depth and detail. With this video I summarize the history of women's public bathrooms while emphasizing the impact access to these spaces has on women's lives. I used the app Weird Type to have the text interact with the physical space as well as use the app to form the text with images of bathrooms. This effect can make the text shadowy and somewhat difficult to read, which reiterates how lack of access is not a well known issue.


This is the story of how I got started with one of my favorite hobbies: baking. Its a combination about how I started with my first recipe (M&M cookies) and some of the mistakes I made along the way. I filmed this in a birds eye view and used stop motion for some portions.


This is an experimental narrative using an augmented reality app Weird Type and text from “The Medium is the Massage” by Marshall McLuhan. I used abstract clips from the film “The Medium is the Massage” in the background as well as in the text. I layered text and clips and used a variety of filters to achieve the final aesthetic.

McLuhan, Marshall. “Quotes from the Film.” The Medium Is the Massage RSS, McGraw-Hill Education,