For this collaborative project we created Pyxis, a fictitious community organization that works to educate homeless youth about safe sex for all sexual orientations, distribute sustainable hygiene products, clothing, and non-perishable goods, to support the homeless LGBTQ+ youth community in the Greater Lansing Area.


Pyxis is the compass constellation which deeply influenced the branding of the organization. The compass is meant to inspire all to follow their own path while accepting others. Incorporating the constellation with the compass inadvertently drives this point across.

After our logo was created we wanted to create a brand document to set the style guidelines for the organization as a whole. We wanted to ensure all our deliverables looked and felt cohesive and consistent. Because of the Pyxis constellation, we decided on astronomy theme and we incorporated cool colors often found in the sky as well as constellation inspired line graphics.


We created a cohesive three part flyer campaign that provides statistics, information for an event, and the grand opening celebration of our organization. We choose to create flyers because they can be posted anywhere and they are easily recognizable in surrounding areas.

We designed and coded a website to provide more in-depth information on our services and mission for the public, This makes our location as well as local and national emergency hotlines available to anyone who accesses our site. It services both people who are looking for help, and those who want to find us so they can donate goods to our center or volunteer in some other way.


Our goal was to design several stickers for a sticker campaign that were appealing to younger people and to spread awareness about our organization. We choose stickers because they are available to a large portion of our audience who may be without technology and can be posted anywhere. We use slogans and tag lines and motivational phrases to help make our brand recognizable and memorable.


We created a social media strategy guide that outlines our goals and example posts for different social media platforms. We wanted to differentiate our social media channels by clearly defining what information is posted on each. More text-based information would be posted on our Twitter and more visual content would be displayed on our Instagram. Social media can be used by partners, volunteers and those in need to get the first updates from our organization. We also identified a use-case for our Twitter account in which a person with immediate needs could direct message or at our account to receive help quickly.